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If we want to make a long term profit from betting, it’s very important to leave luck on the sidelines as much as possible.
It's time for bookmakers to line up.

Monday nights big match, Southampton vs Man City

Man City are the Premier Leagues "in form" team, coming here off the back of a 4-0 hammering of the league champions.
Gambling since its inception and even to this day has been associated in society to something terrible and flawed in a sense.
Sports betting is not just about statistics, numbers, calculations and finding a profitable option.
It’s impossible to place bets normally without watching soccer games- they will be just random.
Betting is changing the way we perceive sports and consume sports content, and forcing sports organizations and media to adapt to new innovations.
Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi, two of the greatest football players of all time, have been in great shape this season.

What to bet on Sevilla games

The topic of betting trends has always been fascinating. Let’s talk about La Liga.
A look at the curse that has become prominent, checking with real-world examples.

Using the Asian Handicaps

Asian handicaps are good to use when betting on the underdog in a game.

Express betting for beginners

The art of express betting (multiples, parlays) is something that is usually enticing to new players.

Understanding Sportsbook Bonuses: Free bets

When signing up for a bookmaker, there is a good chance you will be presented with a welcome bonus of sorts.

Sports betting strategies

Here are some strategies every better should understand - Arbitrage, bonus, value, lay betting.