Setka Cup enters Europe

Setka Cup enters Europe. BETER’s CEO describes the opportunities

Gal Ehrlich comments on the contract signed with the Prague association of table tennis.

The organisers of the Setka Cup announced in May that it would hold tournaments in the Czech Republic capital, the city of Prague. Within a month of  the announcement the contract on cooperation was signed with the Prague association of table tennis. Fast sports and cybersports content provider BETER’s CEO Gal Ehrlich comments on the prospects of the partnership.

For the Setka cup, the partnership with the Prague association of table tennis means that the tournaments are officially recognized and that we will fully take part in the promotion of this sport in the EU. The main target of the partnership is the development of table tennis. A step like this makes the reputation of the Setka Cup more solid in the eyes of both our clients amongst the bookmakers and sportsmen.

Meanwhile the sportsmen are assured that they participate in reputable tournaments, which are supported by the local respected sports association that helps to develop the sports in the country. It is important for the future development of the Setka Cup tennis tournaments that  the best sportsmen participate. The modern infrastructure that meets European standards for table tennis matches is already available for them.

The contract is a 1-year deal. Our plans for this period is to organize several competitions and training camps for professional and amateur players together with the Prague association of table tennis. We believe that more high calibre sportsmen will get to know our brand and join the Setka Cup tournaments. It will make the competition stronger and increase the level of participants.

This contract signed at the international level marks our commitment to making the Setka Cup tournaments status more solid. We’re open to the contract of this kind in the other countries. We have plans on cooperating with the other international sports communities. It will allow us to organize more events, inviting the best sportsmen and attracting new fans of our tournaments.

  • About 600 players from many countries take part in the Setka Cup tournaments with the Olympics participant Jindřich Panský and such players like Marek Cihak, Jaromir Zlamal, Kristof Přida, David Prusa.

  • Four tournaments with 100 participants are held in Prague annually.