Lacrosse: What is it and how do you bet on it

Throughout Europe and Asia, it is hardly possible to find many connoisseurs of such a peculiar sport as lacrosse. However in America lacrosse is more popular and is also played by Canadians and Australians. But to say that in these countries the attitude to discipline is very serious would be untrue: for even the American Lacrosse Major League (MLL), where the best players perform, is considered a semi-professional competition. Nevertheless, for betting purposes will talk about the main things you need to know if you want to bet on this sport.


Lacrosse - Indian fun with Olympic perspectives

Lacrosse is an invention of native Americans, a historical treasure of tribes. Active promotion of lacrosse in the United States, including among students, began in the mid-19th century. This is the only sport where the Iroquois national team is represented separately from the USA. For example, in 2018 the ancestors of lacrosse won the bronze of the World Championship.

As for the world lacrosse championships, the first was held in 1967, and since 1986 the national teams play the tournament every four years.

Indeed, lacrosse was already an Olympic sport back in 1904, but already in 1908, the Olympic history of lacrosse was interrupted - because not enough participants were recruited even to fill the pedestal: only Americans and Canadians came. Lacrosse matches were also played at the Games from 1928 to 1948, but only in demonstration mode. In 1948, the United States and Britain played their only match at Wembley, ending in a 5-5 draw.

A little bit about the rules

Lacrosse is a team sport where two teams of ten players each compete. For example, in terms of dynamics, it is much closer to the European fan, because lacrosse is a quick-paced game played in a short amount of time, like soccer or hockey and unlike western types such as American football or baseball.

The size of the field is slightly less than a soccer field - 100 by 55 meters. There are also positions of the goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders and forwards, however, are passing and shooting a small rubber ball not with legs or hands, but with special sticks with cages and nets on the end.

Most of the match teams spend in turn in the positional attack, trying with the help of assists "nets" as well as individual actions to overcome a massive defence and shoot the ball into the goal. This is a contact sport, and the manoeuvres of strong attacking players are similar to rugby or hockey, and the defence is allowed power techniques. That's why lacrosse players take to the field wearing helmets and pads.

In addition to the mentioned Major League Lacrosse (MLL) and the World Cup, the annual student competition in the United States is a significant event. Many big colleges have lacrosse programs and winning a national championship in the NCAA top division is very prestigious.

Types of lacrosse bets

Basic outcomes. In any team, sports bookmakers give a line to the outcome, and lacrosse is no exception. Usually, these are two-way bets which take into account overtime, on the victory of the first or second team. A draw is not allowed per the rules in official match regulations. However, in some cases on particularly high-profile events bookmakers can offer an addition to the line for the main time, with three-way quotes (odds on first-team wins, a draw and a second-team win).

Odds. Often at big competitions, you can see offers on odds. Especially if the difference in the level of teams is large enough and the main outcomes are given in a stripped-down version. In close matches, there is an opportunity to ensure a handicap of 1-2 goals.

The outcomes of periods. As in hockey, the lacrosse match lasts 60 minutes, but there are four periods (every 15 minutes). You can bet on the outcome of each of them separately, with the possibility of a draw.

Totals. At the highest level, 20-30 goals are scored in lacrosse matches. In the Lacrosse Major League in 2018, the Totals were 25-27 goals, and in the student league - closer to 20. At the World Championships, due to the low level of most national teams, the spread can be greater – for some, it is difficult to score seven-eight goals, while others can easily score fifteen or more. As with the outcome, it is possible to put on totals within separate periods.

Long-term rates. Some offices may give quotes on the outcome of tournaments in general. However, even at the World Cup, the choice is small. As of 2018, the U.S. team has won 11 world championships 11 times and the Canadians twice. A higher level of intrigue can be seen in the semi-professional MLL and the NCAA Student First Division.

How to bet on lacrosse: unequal compositions and weather are important factors

Lacrosse is a team sport where chemistry and interaction are an integral part of the winning strategy. That is why a player who wants to make money on bets who tries to do so with this sport, need to carefully monitor not only the form of the teams and past performances but also the injuries of important players and rebuilding of the squads.

The depth of the club or the national team is very important. In lacrosse during the match you can make nine substitutions, so that deep teams are able to put more intense pressure on the defence of the opponent the whole match.

It is also important that the statistics of removals and implementation of numerical advantage by teams are important. In this regard, you can draw analogies with hockey, however, in a large variety of lacrosse removal system is more complex. In any case, the match between two overly aggressive teams is more likely to end in a high total, and the team who played best for the majority of the match will gain an advantage in a tough game.

The mini variations of lacrosse matches are held on classic "boxes", the rules are similar to hockey, and the weather is not a factor. But large lacrosse matches are mostly held in open stadiums, and sometimes the elements can intervene in the confrontation. Therefore, before the rate, especially in the case of the forecast for total, it is advisable to see the weather forecast. After the rain on the natural surface fields, the game becomes more viscous, it is more difficult for athletes to create attacks and manoeuvre resulting in fewer points scored.

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