Futsal: How do you play it and how do you bet on it

Simply put, futsal is soccer, only played in the gym, and teams play 5-on-5. In this material, we will analyze the main types of bets on futsal, features of the game and give beginners some tips to make the best bets possible. What is the difference between mini soccer and futsal?

Many people think it's the same thing, but that is not exactly true. In the lines of bookmakers, mini-football matches are called futsal football, the same formulation is used in the press and in everyday communication. There are indeed many similarities between futsal and mini-football, but there are also differences.


Thus, futsal competitions are held by the International Futsal Association (AMF), while mini-football competitions are held under the auspices of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA). There are also differences in the rules: futsal is a more physical game, where kicks on opponents are allowed, and the ball from the start is inserted with hands rather than with feet, unlike mini-football. However, since the concepts of futsal and mini-football have merged, in this material we will use them as synonyms.

Types of futsal bets

Currently, almost all bookmakers have a wide enough line for futsal matches, so you can bet on futsal at almost any legal online bookmaker in America. Just like in regular soccer, there are several basic types of bets. Let's talk a little bit about each one.

Outcomes (time or match)

In mini-football, you can bet that one of the teams will win the match, win in one of the halves or in both halves. If the game is played in the knockout stages of the tournament, it is also possible to bet on the winner of the match (after the main time or penalty shootout). A little more detail about the bets on the outcome is talked about in a separate material.

On total heads (more or less)

Total is the total number of goals scored during the main time of the match. The size of the proposed total from bookmakers depends on the class of the teams and the level of the championship. Traditionally in futsal, more goals are scored than in regular soccer: as the "main" total in matches of this sport, bookmakers usually offer the number of 6 or 7 goals (TO 6.5/TU 6.5 or TO 7.5/TU 7.5). Learn more about betting on total goals.

On the head of one of the teams

A bet with a handicap (or the spread) implies an advantage or an acceptable lag of one of the parties in a sports competition. The numerical odds in futsal are often similar to the same bets on regular soccer matches: if there is no significant difference in the opponent's class, then the bet can be presented without a handicap, odds of 1 or -1 per particular team. Read more about odds bets (or odds bets).


The player made a bet "team 1 victory with a handicap (-1.5)". The match ended 2-0 in favour of team 1. The bet is considered to have been won.

Additional offers from bookmakers

In addition to the main bets in different lines of bookmakers, there are additional offers: total goals in a certain half, even or an odd total of goals in a match (e.g.: 2:2 - even, 1-0 - odd), whether both teams will score, accurate score, winner of the entire tournament, etc.

Futsal betting strategies

In futsal, as in soccer, you can use different betting strategies such as catch-up, accurate score, , "ladder" and others, which can be found in more detail in the special section of our School of Betting.

As for the pre-match analytics in futsal, here you need to pay special attention to the line-ups and tournament motivation. There are five people on each side in mini-football, and the elimination of at least one of the squads can play an important role. Also, the result of a team depends on the goalkeeper's game. You should always look for information about whether the main goalkeeper will play for the team in the upcoming game, or if the coach will save him until the next, more important match.

Futsal is a dynamic game, and the situation on the court can change at any second. Therefore, in this sport, some players use several strategies to increase the chances of winning. We must remind you that none of the popular sports betting strategies guarantees a permanent win.

As in any other sport, win-win strategies do not exist. However, the chances of more successful bets on mini-football or futsal will be greater, if you carefully study the compositions, statistics, as well as thoroughly understand the rules of the game.

Which Nigerian bookmakers offer futsal bets.

Beach football is a seasonal sport. Obviously, in the cold and in the snow, no one can play football on the sand. Holding indoor beach football tournaments is always a special occasion. Turning it into a system is quite expensive. You can play all year round only in countries where the climate allows.

In European competitions, there is no separate category for away and home matches, as in regular soccer. The Champions Cup was held at the beginning of the summer in Portugal. In only ten days the strongest beach soccer club in Europe was determined. It was the Portuguese Braga, who beat Crystal from St. Petersburg in the final.

The World and European Championships differ only in scale.

Beach football has only recently officially joined the soccer family. The first World Cup under the supervision of FIFA took place only in 2011. This championship was won by the Russian national team. Until the era of great attention from FIFA, the Brazilian national team dominated international soccer and, in many ways, still do. The Brazilians surrendered their crown for a short team, as Russia won in 2011 and 2013, and Portugal in 2015. However, in the most recent competition in 2017, Brazil again finished as World Champions. 

So far, beach soccer still cannot be considered a serious sport. Classic soccer or futsal both have long playing seasons, allowing players to have permanent contracts. Beach soccer, however, is not yet able to offer massive professional contracts and likely will not be for several years to come.

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