Hockey (Ball): What are the rules and how do you bet on it

Ball hockey is something between football and ice hockey. Athletes use skates for movement, as well as clubs and protective equipment. Players are divided into two teams of 11 players each. Matches are held in the open area, the size of which is about the same as in soccer. Also, in ball hockey, there are corners and penalties like in soccer. The game lasts two halves of 45 minutes. In some cases (e.g. snowfall, low temperature) according to the decision of the arbitrators three halves of 30 minutes can be played.


It was in Russia that the term "ball hockey" was born. In the rest of the world, this sport is called "bendy." The Season of the Russian Championship begins in November and ends in March.

Since in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) hockey with the ball is not as popular as its counterpart with the puck or soccer, bookmakers are not very scrupulous about the arrangement of odds for matches. Therefore, a player who knows this sport can have a good chance of winning.

Types of ball hockey bets

Online bookmakers do not offer a particularly wide variation of bets on hockey with the ball, but all the standard outcomes of the match can be bet. Let's consider the main types of bets on hockey with the ball.

Betting on outcomes

Will the first team or the second team win, or maybe the match will end in a draw? It is a bet on one of the three possible events and will be a "bet on the outcome." In the lines of bookmakers such bets can be marked as standard: for example, the victory of the first team is P1, the victory of the second team is P2, the draw in the match is X.

Odds bets

The spread implies an initial advantage or a lag of one of the parties in a sports competition. For example, a player bet "team 1 win with a handicap (-1.5)" bet. The match ended 2-0 in favour of team 1. The bet is considered a win.

Betting on the exact score

Guessing the exact score of the match is difficult, which is why with such bet’s bookmakers will usually offer with fairly high odds. Among the popular bets, they do not belong in hockey on the grass, and in any other sport, but when "hit" the forecast in the target brings a significant gain.

Long-term rates

Bookmakers give their players the opportunity to bet on the winner of the championship at the end of the season or a certain tournament before the start of the season or tournament. In some cases, you can also bet on the stage of the tournament, in which a participant (team) will fly out of the tournament, as well as at which stage, he will be able to get.

Strategies for ball hockey betting

As with other sports, there are many strategies for ball hockey betting that can be found in the special section of the Legalbet Betting School.

It is in this section of ball hockey betting that we will briefly tell you about just one strategy. Some call it a "valuable bet", and some a "value bet": the essence of this method of play is to look for undervalued outcomes in the line of the bookmaker. That is, it is a bet placed by a bookmaker with inflated odds, which does not correspond to the real probability of winning it.

Are there win-win strategies for ball hockey betting? No. There are no win-win strategies (as in any other sport). In order to reduce the risks, you need to thoroughly study the sport in which you are going to bet, teams, line-ups, statistics, weather conditions, as well as read the news and know in what mood players go to the game. Only by adhering to these rules can you increase your chances of winning.

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