Badminton: How it's played and how to bet on it

Badminton cannot be attributed to the most popular sports among betting enthusiasts in many parts of the world, including America. But since 1992, the sport has been included in the Olympic program, and the popularity of badminton is growing.

Badminton cannot be attributed to the most popular sports among betting enthusiasts in many parts of the world, including America. But since 1992, the sport has been included in the Olympic program, and the popularity of badminton is growing. The representatives from Asia tend to dominate badminton. This is evidenced from the 2016 Olympic U.S. Badminton team, all of whom are traditional Asians. Among Europeans, the most competition comes against badminton athletes from Indonesian and Chinese athletes as well as from Denmark. In the bookmakers’ lines, badminton has recently appeared more and more often, and in this material,  we will talk about the main things worth knowing for the player interested in betting on badminton.

The rules in badminton are clearly regulated. The game finishes when one team wins two games, i.e. the final score in badminton games can be 2-0 or 2:1. To win the game, the player must be the first to score 21 points. A point is awarded for each draw won. With the score 20:20, the game will last until one of the opponents wins by two points. This scoring system is similar to volleyball. As in volleyball, the one who won the previous draw serves. Also similar to tennis in that badminton play singles, doubles and mixed.

Based on the rules of scoring and the format of the match, when selecting a strategy for badminton betting, you can draw analogies from volleyball, beach volleyball and table tennis. All of these sports are characterized by high dynamics and lightning-fast changes in odds in the betting line during the game. That is why badminton is attractive for live bets.

Interestingly, badminton among other sports is the absolute record holder for the speed of flight of the game projectile. The recorded flight speed record of the flan was 493 km/h, and the record of the duration of the volley of one point is 108 strokes for two in two minutes. This factor often makes the result of a single draw or series of draws unpredictable. In general, as in other sports, the calmer players who possess a rich technical arsenal win.

Types of badminton betting

In the badminton line, bookmakers offer a standard set of bets for sports of a similar format and regulations.

Bet on the outcome or victory

There are no draws in badminton, and bookmakers offer to put P1 or P2 on the outcome of the match or game. This market is present in most bookmakers. In live, some offices take to by a particular amount of points.


As well as betting on the outcome, a bet on a victory with a handicap in place is offered for both the individual matches and the game. The odds for the game are mostly in the live line of individual bookmakers. Not all offices give a wide variety of bets on badminton.


Betting on totals can be offered in different variants: match total, total game, total matches in a game (in fact, there is a choice between 2:0 and 2:1 in the final score regardless of the winner), individual total in the game or match, even or odd total in the game or match.

Match score

We have the opportunity here to choose from four options: 2-0, 2:1, 1:2, 0:2. It usually makes sense to bet when you have confidence in a favourite winning. In this case, the 2-0 ratio will be higher.

Winning the first game and match

Not all bookmakers offer such a bet. However, this market is in the lines, usually at popular tournaments and final stages. At major tournaments such as the Olympics, the World Championships, Super Series tournaments, the variety of badminton bets is wider and most of the listed offers are present. For less prestigious tournaments, the line of bookmakers is less sufficient.

How to bet on badminton

Badminton, as in tennis, has a clear hierarchy of tournaments by status, size of prize money and ranking points: World Super Series tournaments, Golden Series tournaments, World Cup stages, challengers, futures. When choosing bets on badminton before a matching one should consider the player's motivation at a particular tournament and his rating and current form, which, as in most sports, is the main factor.

As in tennis, in badminton athletes have "favourite" tournaments, where they perform successfully, with increased motivation. For example, one of the most decorated acting badminton players, Lee Chong Wei, has won the Malaysia Open 12 times out of 15 tournaments since 2004. Lee Chong Wei took the title at the tournament in Malaysia in 2018. But at a similar tournament in Indonesia during the same period, Lee Chong Wei won only 4 times. Last year, Lee flew to Indonesia in the second round when the odds for his victory was 1.06. Conclusions about priorities are self-evident.

It is difficult for a non-specialist in badminton to assess the chances before a match better than a bookmaker. Therefore, it makes sense to compare the odds of different bookmakers, use statistical tools and pay attention to the movement of the line before the match. With these introductory, it is quite possible to try to play during the game. In live bets on badminton in most cases the principle of betting on the opposite of the situation of the moment of maximum deviation from the pre-match assessment of the bookmaker works. For example, we bet on the victory of the favourite or "total more" when the underdog leads in the score. It is advisable to watch the match to make sure there that no injury occurs or for any other foreign factors.

Odds for victory, totals, odds in badminton change quickly in live betting, and during the match more than once there are "Arbs" and "Corridors". To avoid emotional decisions during the game, it is desirable for the betting player to have a well-thought-out plan for live bets, where all the moves are thought out pre-match. Close in plus if there was an "Arbs" or wait until victory? Accept the loss if the game went off the script, or minimize the losses by putting a wager on a different outcome? It is better to have answers to these questions in advance, as it is always helpful to be prepared for anything that can happen during a match.

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