Bookmaker’s website not working and what can I do?

Sometimes players are faced with a situation where they cannot get to the website of a bookmaker to load. Usually, the problem is temporary and there is nothing to do but wait a short time. However, there are exceptions. We give instructions on “What to do if the bookmaker’s website does not open?”.


What happened? Reasons why a bookmaker’s website might not work

Online bookmakers are operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week and the website going down can mean solid losses for the company. Therefore, a broken website is an even more disturbing problem for its owner than you.

There may be several reasons for a website to be down:

  • Technical glitches are probably the most common problem for bookmakers’ websites. To correctly operate as an online bookmaker requires an incredible amount of capacity and hardware which sometimes fails. Naturally, the bookmakers themselves are trying as hard as he can to restore full operation of the site. It usually takes no more than a half-hour to fix technical issues.
  • Planned maintenance/ Prevention. Usually, the bookmaker’s office will warn customers about upcoming maintenance on its website, so that troubles in such cases are minimal. The website may not operate for an hour or even we have known up to five days, depending on the complexity of the work.
  • Site updates. Bookmakers try to keep up with the times, so updates on their sites appear constantly. Sometimes it is a direct structural change of the interface and sometimes only cosmetic alterations. It is almost always associated however with a time when the site is not available.

Looking for a problem within your computer/ device

When the website of a bookmaker will not open, if you have a large balance in there then the player gets nervous and begins to swear they won't use this bookmaker ever again. However, often the problem lies not with the bookmaker, but in the player’s computer or mobile device. How can you tell which side the difficulties lie with when trying to log in?

  1. First, try accessing the site from a different browser (Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). Often it is this simple method that helps you get back to the page of the bookmaker’s site. Then, of course, you will have to find out why the site did not open on the original browser. 
  2. Accept cookies from betting sites. Cookies allow any site, including the bookmaker’s page, to open and run faster. 
  3. Clear the cookies. They can also affect the page’s download speeds. You can clear cookies in the browser history with “Clear the story” or “Clear cookies” box (in different browsers, this option can go by different names). 
  4. Turn off work extensions, ad blockers, and other plug-ins that may be necessary to you at other times. Bookmakers, often due to the speed of development, often change the interface of their sites. And sometimes extensions, locks and plugins mark new things as undesirable for your computer or mobile device.

If all of these are done, and the bookmaker’s website still does not open, then check online for any news concerning the status of the site you are trying to reach.

If you have any doubts about the reliability of your bookmaker you should change as soon as possible. To choose another site for online betting, we recommend paying attention to the ratings and useful lists of bookmakers on Legalbet: each rating is formed by certain criteria, and each of them has the experiences of our users clearly displayed for reference.

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