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Amongst the Bundesliga action this weekend there will be two pivotal matches: Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke and Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich.

The derby match between Borussia and Schalke promises to be a spectacular battle. And, it’s very fitting that this long-awaited match takes place right as the championship resumes when the entire world is waiting for big matches. Both teams will be desperate to please their supporters in this enthralling encounter.

The Union vs Bayern match might very well not be as predictable as it seems at first glance. In the first round, Bayern was hard-pressed by their rivals from the German capital and held on for a gruelling win. That, coupled with the fact that Union toppled the mighty Borussia Dortmund earlier in the season, makes this encounter far from a foregone conclusion. At high odds, the underdog team may well appeal to many pundits.

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