McGregor — Cerrone: Bets on the Main Fight UFC 246

The fight between Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone will take place starting on the night of January 19-20th. The fight will be hosted in the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas in the tournament numbered UFC 246.

The broadcast of the fight can be live streamed on ESPN +PPV. According to the UFC President Dana White, both fighters have signed contracts and have started training camp. 

Sports betting sites are already placing the Irishman as the clear favorite of the fight, and are offering good odds. 

A series of losses for Cerrone could have one thinking of this fight as just a warm-up for McGregor. 

Connor McGregor 

Highest champion in the lightweight division. 

Fighter statistics: 25 fights, 21 wins, four defeats 

Many MMA fans are thinking, that for McGregor this fight can be something of a training session until he receives a “real” opponent. 

It is important to understand, that in the last nine meetings McGregor lost only his first fight with Nate Diaz, and also lost his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov. 

We will not forget about the fight with Mayweather in boxing, however in this situation it does not apply. 

According to opinions from the audience, it is necessary now for McGregor to rehabilitate as quickly as possible from his defeat against Khabib, and Dana specially picked this “comfortable” fighter for his pet. 

Only in the case of McGregor beating Cerrone can we talk about a possible rematch with Nurmagomedov or the continuation of the trilogy with Diaz. 

However, not long ago UFC management announced, that the fight will not be a normal one for McGregor, the lightweight champion (up to 154 lbs.) and at welterweight (up to 170 lbs). 

According to the fighting public, Connor wants to show other fighters, that he has a way to work in this division and to position himself as a “major” drummer. 

The problem here, is that in his fight with Nate Diaz it was noticeable, just how much the Irishman’s speed had slowed down by the weight. However, even a slowed-down McGregor is many times faster than Cerrone. 

Both fighters, by the way, have already exchanged fan-art for the upcoming fight.

The illustration from Connor’s fans does not only include artwork for the fight with Cerrone, but a collection of images including all participants listed on the card all with a ‘Wild West’ theme.

Donald Cerrone

Fighter statistics: 50 fights, 13 defeats, one draw

Differing from his cowboy persona, Cerrone cannot win UFC titles, however he does have a large number of crazy victories.

Fans of the UFC, many of whom at the genetic level cannot stand the fight and “rolls” in the stalls, literally from the first fight fell in love with the crazy kickboxer, who used the entirety of his striking arsenal and outplayed slower opponents. 

Of course, the ‘Cowboy’ is not always so lucky, but 3-4 years ago he could successfully alternate defeats with high-profile victories. In the last few years, the situation became quite different, and it is worth admitting that trauma and psychological fatigue have taken their toll.  

In his last ten meetings the American has defeated only four opponents. The last two fights were lost by knockout - to Tony Ferguson and Just Gagee. 

Ironically, unlike Conor Donald, a possible victory would not bring any dividends except for royalties. Fans will finally “bury” Mac, but will absolutely not elevate Cerrone to the throne. 

The Irishman knows how to belittle the merits of his opponents and it is likely that the news of the cowboy’s hypothetical victory would stay in the news long. 

In addition, there is no championship belt at stake, although this is the better option for the American. It is unlikely that he could hold a worthwhile defence of a championship belt. 

Good news for Cerrone is that McGregor has a knack for underestimating opponents, sometimes even mocking them during the fights. 

The American can use this to his advantage, and will also try to avoid a few punches in the first round to stretch the fight in an attempt to force McGregor to slow down.

It is no secret that protracted rounds were and still remain the main problem of McGregor, who, although he comes out with large amounts of endurance, is prone to losing due to fatigue. 

In any case, the Cowboy today has not lost his fan base, and he will have those who throw their hats in the air during his entrance to the Octagon.

Bookmaker Odds on the Fight — McGregor VS Cerrone

The sports betting site “BetBonanza” has already prepared lines for the outcome of this long-awaited confrontation, and they have given its preference to the Irishman. 

BookmakerMcGregor's victoryDrawCerrone's victory

In any case, Conor will need to approach the fight with seriousness, and remind fans and opponents about his signature left cross as well as to avoid the blows from elbows and kicks. 

However, sports betting sites seem to have no doubt that Conor will still be able to knock out the opponent in the first round. For this outcome the odds sit at a measly 2.25.