Learn about the payout

People make bets for a multitude of reasons. To test their knowledge, to practice analytic skills, to feel the thrill that comes with receiving the outcome/ answers, to make every second of the event that you are betting on more exciting, etc. And of course, possibly the biggest reason, to make money. 

People bet on sports with the primary goal of returning a profit on the money they laid down. In betting, this is called the payout.

For those new to online sports betting, there can be a lot of questions that arise are first about the payout. In this article we talk about how to get your payout, any possible fees that could occur with a return, and some of the best websites to use for getting your money back.

The payout is simply put how much money you will gain based on the odds and the amount of money you put down. A straight bet would return you ₦1100 for a winning ₦1000 bet. So, if you put down ₦200 down on a straight bet, you will have a profit of ₦220 and a payout of ₦420.

To figure out the odds of the bet simply divide the return of 1100 by the bet of 1000. You will receive your odds of 1.1. Which you can multiply by the amount of your bet to find the payout. Knowing this you can know what to expect before you even receive the winnings. Although most if not all companies will instantly calculate the bet for you, it helps to know when odds shopping.

So now that you have won a bet you are wanting to be responsible and cash out while you are ahead. Well, there are naturally a few steps you need to complete in order to get your payout. These are general steps not limited to one specific site as every company does things a little differently. There may be extra steps added but these are the basics. The first thing you will be asked to do is to verify yourself. Now perhaps you have already done this when signing up or making a deposit. If so, then you will not have to worry about this step. If not however, you will likely need to fill out a form and send in a few forms of identification. Drivers license, banking statements, etc. This will probably take up to a couple of days to complete so its best to take care of it at a time when you are not trying to get money out and do not have to wait for money.

The casino/ sportsbook will then check to make sure that your request is okay to process. This means making sure that meet their terms, have not broken rules, etc. They will then send your money to a third-party company to process the transaction back to you. These are usually banks, payment apps, e- wallets or other companies who process payments. Finally, they will send the money back to your bank account holder. The variables in this step are constant. Different banking methods paired with different processing companies will equal you waiting different amounts of time. 

There are a couple of other things that can delay your payout such as illegitimate or poor- quality sportsbooks, or if you have broken the terms and agreements of the establishment.

This can be just about anything, but punters are most often cited for things like being a professional gambler, not fulfilling bonus terms or making prohibited bets.

Another thing that has a lot of variables are the amount of fees attached to your withdrawals. Fees will vary from site to site and also with different third-party processing companies. The processing methods that seem to be the cheapest are Bitcoin, mailed checks, and wiring the money to your bank account. Bitcoin can be free with a lot of sites, and the other two can begin costs at around ₦9050. The sportsbooks also have fees that can be attached to your withdrawal. Some will have fees for processing and shipping your winnings however these are now largely irrelevant. Since sports betting has become legal in the United States, the need for finding third party companies that can get around the US laws are over. Many sites today do not charge any fees for withdrawals.

Finding the sportsbook with the fastest payout time can be crucial for many reasons. And because of this, many people have gathered information on all of the popular names in the sports betting industry regarding the payout times.

Of course, there are variables put into this but here we are determining the companies with the best chances of getting your payout to you as quickly as possible. Bovada is the site that many agree has a great payout system. Same day withdrawals are possible, and the website also offers several reliable payout options that will quickly get you your money. Same day payouts are also available at sportsbook.ag and BookMaker Sportsbook. All of these sites also feature powerful welcome bonuses to boot.

For sports betting players, getting the payout is always of prime importance. When looking at betting sites to go through the players should always take into account all of its details. The payout system and its speed are an important one. Learning the payout speeds, options for withdrawal/ deposits and terms and conditions on the site will help you with a smooth transition from betting to receiving payments. After all, your winnings are like your trophy for successfully beating the odds. It is best to be able to show it off as quickly as possible.