UEFA Champions League "Quarter Final" draws (2019/20)

Despite the disruption caused by the COVID 19 Pandemic the Champions League tournament is going to be concluded this year, the final being played on August 23rd. The road to the final was laid out on June 10th when the draws for the quarter-final and semi-final took place. Let's dive into the bookmakers' odds to see if something has changed after the clubs have been sorted.

Manchester City are still considered to be favourites to win the 2019/20 Champions League.

The integrity of the tournament

Before the draws, UEFA had already announced that in order to comply with the sporting principle, the remaining matches of the last 16 would be played as scheduled. Several return games will be held in the cities that they originally should have been held in. All meetings are scheduled for August 7-8 and will kick off at 22:00.

Here are the odds for which teams will  make it to the Semi-Finals

Bayern Munich vs Chelsea, the match will be held in Munich (first leg - 3:0 in favour of the Germans).

Barcelona vs Napoli, the match will be held in Catalonia (first leg - 1:1).

Manchester City vs Real Madrid, the match will be held in Manchester (first leg - 2:1 in favour of the Man City).

Juventus vs Lyon, the match will be held in Turin (first leg - 1:0 in favour of the French).

All the teams that make it to the quarter-finals will gather in Portugal, where a mini-tournament will be held. For the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals, the tournament winner will be determined by the result of only one match.

UEFA Champions League quarter-final draw

The slightly unusual draw on July 10th determined not only the future pairs in the quarter-finals but also the semi-finals. The dates of all matches are also now known, and they will be held from 12 to 15 August.

Quarter-final Draw:

RB Leipzig vs Atlético Madrid;

Atalanta vs Paris Saint-Germain.

The winners will play against each other in the semi-final:

Real Madrid or Manchester City vs Juventus or Lyon;

Napoli or Barcelona vs Bayern Munich or Chelsea.

How the winning odds have changed

As soon as the draw ended, the bookmakers reacted. We studied the odds and reasons for these changes.

The betting line from bookmaker «1xBet»

FCOdds for the winChanges
Manchester City4.00=
Bayern Munich4.00
Paris Saint-Germain5.50↓ 6.50 → 5.50
Barcelona8.00↑ 7.00 → 8.00
Atletico Madrid11.00↓ 13.00 → 11.00
Juventus15.00 ↑ 13.00 → 15.00
Real Madrid25.00↑ 21.00 → 25.00

Key changes:

  • Paris Saint-Germain winning odds dropped from 6.50 to 5.50.

PSG have already reached the quarter-finals and know their future rival - Atalanta. The balance of power in the pair is obvious if you look at the UEFA ratings (PSG - 7th, Atalanta - 50th). The bookmakers reflected on this and decreased the odds for the Champions League victory of Paris Saint-Germain, and the odds for the quarter-finals too.

  • Odds for the victory of Atletico Madrid from 13.00 to 11.00.

Just like Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid has taken their place among the quarter-finalists and know the opponent they will be facing - RB Leipzig. Bookmakers are waiting for the Spanish club to reach the semi-finals.

Barça has a very difficult road ahead. First, the Catalans have to defeat Napoli, without actually having any real home advantage due to the lack of fans. It is likely that the powerful Bayern will step in the quarter-finals and one of the four - "Real Madrid" / "Man City" / "Juventus" / "Lyon" will follow. The task for Barcelona appears to be too great.

These are the first draw results for the unique Champions League 2019/20 tournament. The final Semi-Final stages and final itself are all being held in Portugal at the beginning of August.

The Champions League 2019/20 final is scheduled for 23 August at the Estádio da Luz stadium.