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Variety of Tournaments

FIFA and PES bring with them a great deal of betting options for your pleasure. All the biggest football teams participate.  Whether its Arsenal or Manchester City playing in the Premier League you can bet and then revel in the simulated action on FIFA. All the big football stars will appear in the line-up, so you will be able to use the knowledge you have to make the best betting choices.

Just like real live football, there are many tournaments and events to bet on in virtual football. 1xBet offers the opportunity to bet on World Cup matches, as well as the leagues in Spain, Italy, Germany and many others.

Exotic Markets

Virtual football brings with it elements of betting that can’t be found in live football.  These exotic markets make for an even more interesting betting experience. For example, English Premier League matches can take place in almost any setting like courtyards!

Games are also not restricted to the standard format so for example Chelsea, Manchester United and other clubs can play in a 4-by-4 format in a courtyard. This leads to all sorts of new betting formations and opportunities to make money.

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